Our History

In 2006, in a desire to use natural ingredients for her own skin care, Isabelle started confectioning her own body deodorant and using organic oil as moisturizer. In the spring of 2016, Washboard Soapery & Such was born, opening to the public for the first time in a night market in Inglewood, in the heart of Calgary! The products; 6 type of deodorants and 3 different soaps. The crowd's interest was mostly towards soaps, so as the summer went along, more soaps were created and additions added to the collection such as facial oils, solid shampoo, conditioners and hair creme. Attending fairs and having a direct contact with the clientele helped shape de company and products being offered. With passion and joy, the journey goes on towards exciting avenues and opportunities. It is with magnificent gratitude that we are saying thank you, without you we couldn't be.


Isabelle Guilmette, CEO & Creator of WashBoard Soapery & Such