Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

December 15, 2019

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Who is that one person who is hard to shop for?

We all know them, and they all fall to the bottom of our list because we put them off in order to accomplish our gifting tasks for the easier folk in our lives.

Cue Washboard.ca

Among our extensive line of products you will find items to please truly anyone. If you’re looking for large presents or for stocking stuffers, we got you covered with our list of items:

Beard Oils.
Beard Balms.
Shaving Soap.
Shaving brushes.
Shaving razors.
Facial Soaps.
Armpit Detox.
Facial Toner.
Hair Creme.
Lip Balm.
Facial Oils.
Shampoo Soaps.
Conditioner Soaps.
Dog paw Balm.
Dog Shampoo Bar.

Be sure to check out our online store for products and see for yourself just what you’re missing for that one person, or for a few!

All of our products are hand-made, by us. To say we truly craft care and attention into our products is an understatement.

Is there something you’d like to see us make?! Do tell! We love feedback from our customers because we want to make you products that you need.

Yours in Passion, Vision, Creation.


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